Aaron O'Connell: Bad Boy or Good Guy?

After playing bad boy Wyatt Cryer on OWN’s The Haves and the Have Nots, Aaron O'Connell is transforming into Noah Winters, a too-sweet gentleman in Candy Coated Christmas, an all-new feature film streaming only on discovery+ starting Nov. 19.

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Photo By: Danno Nell

Photo By: Danno Nell

Photo By: Danno Nell

Photo By: Danno Nell

Photo By: Danno Nell

Photo By: Danno Nell

Photo By: Danno Nell

Photo By: Danno Nell

Bad Boy?

Aaron’s bad-boy look in The Haves and the Have Nots may have you convinced that he doesn’t have a sweeter, softer side. But you haven't met Noah Winters yet...

Good Guy?

Dressed in warming layers and a cute winter scarf, Aaron stars as Noah Winters in the new holiday film Candy Coated Christmas. He's the guy living in an idyllic small town, aka the polar opposite of Wyatt.

Naughty Boy

Wyatt is always up to no good...

Cute Smile Alert

...but Noah is as kind and generous as they come. That smile of his could just about melt your heart.

When He Gives You That Look...

If Wyatt looked into your eyes like that, there would be only two ways to feel: terrified or attracted. Maybe both.

Family Man

On a scale of one to 10, how huggable is Aaron as Noah here? Feel free to say 11 or 12.

Dressed in Black

Wyatt is commonly seen mysteriously dressed in black...

Dressed in Red

... while Noah sports handsome holiday sweaters in festive colors.

Hot in the Hospital

Only Aaron could look this good after waking up in a hospital bed.

Under the Mistletoe

Noah and his leading lady, Molly McCook as Molly Gallant, enjoy mimosas under the mistletoe, a far cry from the drama of Wyatt's life.

Drinks with Wyatt

As for Wyatt, he's more of a whiskey-at-night kinda guy. Mimosas aren't exactly his thing.

Charismatic and Cute

Come on... look at that smile!

Dinner Date

Wyatt shows off his smile as well, but there's no doubt a sinister look behind it.

Santa Baby

How cute are they?! Noah and Molly make an adorable duo in Candy Coated Christmas.


Wyatt is never on his best behavior. But that’s part of what makes him so attractive.

Christmas Catch

Noah Winters is the ideal plus-one to bring home to your parents for Christmas.

Bad Boy and Good Guy

No matter if he's playing Wyatt or Noah, Aaron is surely one of the hottest heartthrobs of all time.

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