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If your finance skills aren’t quite up to snuff, it’s time to change that. Right now, you can get The 2022 Complete Practical Finance Course Bundle for 67% off $149 at just $49.

This bundle includes 12 courses from Pareto Labs, an online educator that specializes in business and finance education. The courses cover everything from personal finance to how to prepare and execute a business plan, giving you a practical education that will serve you well in the business world.

You’ll learn how to read financial statements and value a business or investment to help your business make the right decisions as it’s growing. You’ll understand important concepts like equity ownership, customer acquisition cost and ESG governance. There are courses on venture capital, cohort analysis, impact investing, and more high-level investment and finance topics. Plus, you’ll get a couple of practical Excel courses to learn how to use the powerful spreadsheet program to build a valuation model and an operating model to guide your business.

There’s even some brief coverage of personal finance to help you protect your wealth as you get more of it. By the end of the courses, you’ll have the kind of practical financial education that every person who works in business should have.

Don’t just lean on technology to figure out your finances for you. With The 2022 Complete Practical Finance Course Bundle, you’ll gain a practical financial education to guide your personal and professional financial decision-making. Get it on sale today for just $49.

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